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I'm Kimberlyn, and I am a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager helping entrepreneurs and small business owners of both product and service based businesses free up their time with various tasks so they can focus on the things that they love in their business.

I am passionate about supporting others and seeing others thrive in their zone of genius while I get to share my knowledge, skills and experience

I am here to help you do what you love.

All great businesses need a team.

I can help you build yours.

Kimberlyn Racoma

As entrepreneurs, the weight of your business falls solely on your shoulders - there's no Marketing Department, IT, HR, or Customer Service Department.  It's just you, which can feel very lonely, isolating, frustrating and overwhelming.

But that's where I come in.  I can help you with all the things that are too time consuming for you, so you can get back to doing what you love.


General Clerical Tasks

Receive support in your day to day operations like email management, customer/client support, appointment scheduling, and more.

Strategic Branding and Marketing Planning

Watch your business grow and thrive from branding your business strategically and developing your marketing plan in a methodical way.

Creative Tasks

Need help with social media graphics? Creating ebooks and worksheets? What about cohesive marketing materials? Say no more.

Don't see what you need? Feel free to ask!

work with me

Easy, effortless solutions for your business.

Pay for hourly packages and get support when you need it.

One Hour

$80.00 - Need support with a one-off project or need? This might be a solution for you.

Five Hours

$65.00 per hour, available in my Five Hour package.  Receive more support with your project or business needs.

Ten Hours

$50.00 per hour, available in my Ten Hour package.  Need longer support for your project, business needs or tasks?  This solution may be for you.

Purchase hourly packages (five hour chunks or ten hour chunks) in any quantity and receive support when you need it. Each "chunk" of hours is good to use within one year of its purchase date, and can be redeemed any time during that one year. 
Feel free to "reload" anytime. Receive weekly updates of hours available -
no more waiting for invoices or quotes.
No refunds on any unused time for individual time bookings or packaged hours.  

Discover how we might work together and how I can help you reach your business goals.


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