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Hello there! I'm Kimberlyn, your friendly Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager! My biggest joy comes from helping wonderful entrepreneurs and small business owners like you, whether you have a product-based or service-based business. I'm here to lend a paw and make your life easier by taking care of various tasks, giving you more time to focus on the things you absolutely adore in your business.

I truly believe in the power of support and seeing others thrive in their zone of genius. With my knowledge, skills, and experience, I'm excited to be by your side, assisting you every step of the way. Let's work together to bring out the best in your business and make your dreams come true. So go ahead, do what you love, and leave the rest to me! 🌟

Every business needs a fantastic team...

Let's build yours together!


I know running your own business can be a lot to handle all by yourself. No Marketing Department, IT, HR, or Customer Service Department to share the load—it can get pretty lonely, isolating, and even overwhelming at times.

But fear not, because I'm here to be your ray of sunshine! ☀️ I'll lend you a helping hand with all those time-consuming tasks, so you can get back to what truly makes your heart sing—the things you absolutely love doing!

Let's make your business journey a delightful one together. I'm here to support you every step of the way! Just think of me as your friendly sidekick, ready to take on any challenge with a big smile! 😊 Let's do this!


General Clerical Tasks

Receive support in your day to day operations like email management, customer/client support, appointment scheduling, and more.

Strategic Branding and Marketing Planning

Watch your business grow and thrive from branding your business strategically and developing your marketing plan in a methodical way.

Creative Tasks

Need help with social media graphics? Creating ebooks and worksheets? What about cohesive marketing materials? Say no more.

Don't see what you need?
Feel free to ask!

work with me

Easy, effortless solutions for your business.

Pay for hourly packages and get support when you need it.

One Hour

$80.00 - Need support with a one-off project or need? This might be a solution for you.

Five Hours

$65.00 per hour, available in my Five Hour package.  Receive more support with your project or business needs.

Ten Hours

$50.00 per hour, available in my Ten Hour package.  Need longer support for your project, business needs or tasks?  This solution may be for you.

Full CEO Package

Do you wish you could clone yourself to receive the kind of all-encompassing support that you need? Looking for a supportive partner for your business that is just as excited about your business as you?

This CEO package includes all services and support available, 25 hours/month for $1200

General Administrative Support, Client Relations, Marketing, Operations, Event Planning and Management, and more

5 spots available
Inquire for availability

Purchase hourly packages (hourly chunks) in any quantity and receive support when you need it. Each "chunk" of hours is good to use within one year of its purchase date, and can be redeemed any time during that one year. 
Feel free to "reload" anytime. Receive weekly updates of hours available -
no more waiting for invoices or quotes.
No refunds on any unused time for individual time bookings or packaged hours.  

Discover how we might work together and how I can help you reach your business goals.


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