Aloha Love!


I'm Kimberlyn! I am *your* Business Mindset Coach, a Jewelry Designer, Empath, Wife, Fur Mama, Daughter, and Friend. 

I am crazy detailed, innovative, unique and creative thinking, which has allowed me to fight normal expectations of industry standards and designed my own business journey.  

I'm a rebel. I don't like rules.
I prefer to make my own.

I am passionate about teaching others things that I know.  I enjoy teaching someone a topic or skill in such a way that allows the recipient to mold that information into their own process, and I love seeing what flourishes.

This is your business journey.

It's all about what feels right for you.


I am a social media nerd, having been involved in social media platforms since ~2000 and graduated with my degree in Marketing in 2011 (Mom, I did it!).  I like making friends online, but enjoy hearing stories from others in person too!  I believe that your unique qualities are actually your BEST Magical Quality to share with the world!

I'm silly, my favorite food is ramen, and I have ALWAYS believed in:

(1) Community over Competition and (2) Mother Earth needs love too!

I always try to see the positive qualities in others and I believe that everyone has the ability and deserves to achieve success.

My passion for teaching and drive to help you recognize your highest potential is my sole motivator to help you succeed.

I can see your greatness and you can too!

Top: My husband Cody and I 
Bottom: My doggie, Tofu the Havanese (@withasideof_tofu)

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