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I am Kimberlyn Racoma, and I am a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners free their time so they can focus on the aspects of their business that light them up and fill their heart with excitement.  It has always been my passion to support others because I enjoy seeing others thrive, and I am proud to be able to share my knowledge, skills and expertise with you.

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My Story

I have worked in administrative roles for majority of my working life (20 years) from receptionist and medical assistant to onboarding specialist and account management, to compliance coordinator and agent services.  I have strived for efficiency to maximize my productivity and the fast-paced nature of each of these environments has been fulfilling.  But being the multi-passionate creative that I am, I found the idea of staying static and limited in one role challenging, which always led me to side projects and businesses.

While unknowingly trying to run from the title and role of "assistant", I realized that I was limiting myself and capabilities, thinking that the title and role of an assistant was setting a glass ceiling on myself, not allowing me to grow, learn and evolve...but I was tremendously wrong.

It suddenly occurred to me that the role I had been running from wasn't the title at all, but rather the idea of a lack of agency over my ability to grow, and then I heard "Virtual Assisting", and began to research this field and I realized that this would allow me to serve more than one company, allow me agency over my time and ability to continuously learn and grow my skills and craft, and allow me some creative agency to allow me the chance to share my passion for branding and strategic marketing.

Being the one my friends come to for advice about business, social media, branding, organization and operations, it was a clear fit and I am thrilled to be helping others grow and thrive their passions.

My Mission

It is my mission to support small businesses and entrepreneurs gain time and clarity without stress and overwhelm over all the hats that they must wear. 

With my years of experience and love for finding effective, streamlined processes coupled with a joy for branding and connection, I can help you find the clarity in the fog to help your business grow while you focus on the things that you love and enjoy about your business because after all, that's why you started in the first place.



Graduate from Hawai`i Pacific University, 2011 - Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration, Marketing

edX Verified Certificate for Strategic Brand Management

Industries Worked In

Medical (Private Practices; Allergy & Immunology, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Sleep Specialist)

Tech (Account Manager for Uber Eats Las Vegas/Desert region, Southwest region; supported Northwest and other smaller cities managed by the Northwest team)

Real Estate (Residential Real Estate Sales, in-office staff)

Programs & Websites Proficient In




Google Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc.)






Social Media Platforms





I'm always looking to connect with others.
Let's chat!

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