Strategy Call

Work with me for 30-minutes and receive the clarity, direction and insight that you need to start taking action in your business or projects, today.

What is a Strategy Call?

An Strategy Call is 30-minutes long that will help business owners gain insight into areas of their business that can be smoothed, refined for efficiency and success!

These calls are also a great introduction into what coaching looks like for those who are curious about participating in a coaching program. 


My Strategy calls help shine a light on those problem areas, help you work through your ideas, and provide guidance and suggestions that you can implement immediately.

I know how important your time is, so we'll go over:

  • What challenges you're facing and what your ultimate goals are to find the disconnect in your current approach

  • Discuss potential opportunities and strategies to realign toward your goal

  • Any questions on the "how" to help your business.


These complimentary 30-min calls can be booked through my Calendly Page!


See what people are saying about my intensive calls

"Prior to my call with Kimberlyn, I was doing some soul searching and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I “grow up” (lol).  I had an idea of WHAT I wanted to do but I still needed some guidance on WHO and WHY. A couple days prior to my call with Kimberlyn, I prayed to God and the Universe OUT LOUD (something I never really did) to give me some clarity. All of a sudden BAM, I got some clarity! Then, as soon as I got on that call with Kimberlyn, I told her what happened and she confirmed with me that’s the same thing she was going to suggest if I wasn’t able to figure it out! CHICKEN SKIN MOMENT! After that, she helped me strategize and gave me some tips and tricks on how I can get started on my new journey! I am SO GLAD I reached out to Kimberlyn! I’ve known her for YEARS now and I believe God and the Universe put her in my life for this EXACT reason!

Thank you Kimberlyn, I now have so much more clarity and a foundation to start my NEW life journey!!"


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