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Webinar + Slides (.ZIP Folder)
Pay: $39.00
If you've ever felt frustrated, lost and confused in trying to grow your online business AND you're low on funds, I share with you everything I've DONE and continue to do to market my business using relationship marketing techniques for longevity and relations for my business in both product based and service based businesses.
*Offer mentioned in video is available until August 15, 2020. For questions, interests or inquiries, please email me at info@kimberlynracoma.com
Webinar, Slides & Worksheet
(.ZIP Folder)

Pay: $39.00
If you've ever felt overwhelmed by creating your Instagram Posts and finding that perfect caption to go with that awesome photo: I'm here to help!
Learn how to structure your posts so you can build better relationships and trust with your audience, as well as learn Instagram/Facebook Story tips to promote your product, service or offer!
By creating heart-led content you are building a foundation for relationships with your online community that lasts!
Webinar, Slides & Bonus
(.ZIP Folder)

Pay: $39.00
If you've ever felt overwhelmed by overwhelmed by the holidays, or just overwhelmed in general - This is a great webinar for you!
We discuss how to stay organized and shift operations so that you will be able to gain more time to do what you love and spend less time stressing, worrying and doing busy work in your business.
Plus, the extra bonus are great ideas for you to use in your business!
Webinar including Meditation
(.ZIP Folder)

Pay: $39.00

Join me as I discuss mindset and the struggle to be confident and believe in one's capabilities when running an online business with Leslie Fontanilla of Blissfully Healthy - A Young Living Oil Specialist and Mindset Empowerer.

We be discussed business and how you can hone in on your special powers to be an empowered boss! 

Webinar including Slide Deck and Tracker Sheet
(Google Sheets & Excel)
(.ZIP Folder)

Pay: $39.00

This interactive workshop helps you identify your audiences pains, fears and goals so that you can use them to help build your pillar posts and ultimately build your content with more intention and ease.

This takes the stress out of planning your content and helps make it more doable! What a breeze!