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Alea's Client Testimonial, sharing her experience of going through the program and how it helped her to show up online for your business and her family.


Jori Galdeira shares her biggest takeaway from the program, what she learned and what she was able to manifest!

"While motivation & structure are my biggest takeaways from this program, Self-Care is the essentially the epitome of Kim’s business. As a woman who has made being human look so graceful, she encompasses a spirit of Aloha that all appreciate.

I was insecure about my business because I had a little bit of turmoil boiling in my life. Since then, I’ve learned to turn the turmoil pot off & focus on the goals ahead. When my goals became bigger than my fears, the confidence in my business became apparent. Not only was Kim a motivating coach, she was also so resourceful & always shared what she learned.

The biggest physical Manifestation was a listing for me. & not any ol’ listing, but a 600k listing. I was also confident enough to show my value & not have to negotiate my commission."